Guilherme Pena Costa & Stefanie Kleinman
(wood, vinyl stickers, index cards, encyclopedia pages, article clippings)

Connect to your search. Trade instant gratification for investigation. 

This interactive installation invites users to reconsider and recontextualize the familiar experience of using an internet search engine. Raising questions of trust, privacy, impatience, addiction, and authority, the piece aims to inspire users to make a more personal, intimate connection to the process of seeking, providing, and discovering information. 

GoogleBooth represents the danger of losing sight of the legacy and context of learning in favor of a quick fix. The notion of "searching" for information implies a dynamic process. In a world of immediate answers, the beauty of that process is nearly lost. GoogleBooth aims to recall earlier methods of learning and draw attention to the beauty of participating in a search. The installation serves to encourage people to be more aware and critical of how search engine results are generated and the dangers of becoming too dependent on such technologies.

To Use GoogleBooth:
1. Write Your Search Query On a GoogleBooth Search Card
2. Drop Your Search Card in the "Search" Slot on the front of the GoogleBooth
3. Wait to receive the results to your search. You will receive the card back through the "Results" slot. It may take seconds or hours. 
4. After you receive your results, please feel free to go inside GoogleBooth to explore.
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